Thursday, September 23, 2010

Chapter 17 Spiritual Reading

The basic premise of this chapter is that how we live is greatly influenced by what we read. With that said, it is imperative that we evaluate what we read and what we don't read. Are reading the newspaper, various magazines, novels etc. helping us to become who God wants us to become? To some degree, we can say we become what we read.

I would submit that we are also greatly influenced by: mindless TV shows, sporting events, recordings of various types and movies that we think will make us happy. Our experience is that the happiness that these activities may bring, it is short-lived. We need to incorporate Spiritual Reading in our lives that will "ignite the soul"!

There are many wonderful sources of spiritual reading materials and Holy Scripture, as the author points out, should be at the top of our list. The New Testament is a wonderful source of guidance that I believe has affected my life in a most positive way. There are many books and publications about the lives of the saints which are an excellent source of spiritual education and inspiration. In my own life I was continually edified and inspired by spiritual tapes that were given to me, by a very close friend, at a time in my life when I desperately needed help. I played those tapes in my car to and from work. That gift, most certainly, was part of God's plan - the "really Big Picture".

The author suggests that we should find 15 minutes each day to do some spiritual reading. We can't disagree with that goal. Who cannot find 15 minutes of down time each day to read spiritual material if we are really honest with ourselves?


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